Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning Beyond the Classroom is for you to enjoy with your family and on your own.
Do as much as you like and have fun.
We look forward to hearing and seeing any work you have done.

Compliment the curriculum

Learning Beyond the Classroom is a homework manual that children can work through at their leisure.

There are tasks to compliment every area of the curriculum, and these are divided into four sections:

  • Academic
  • Family
  • Watching & listening
  • Out & About

Home learning resource

Beginning with EYFS and ending with Year 9, this is a progressive document that elicits learning in a manner that is designed to help parents as they try to engage their children in home study.

It is therefore particularly useful during and post COVID-19. Tasks are mainly open-ended and often self-selected, offering opportunities to study people, places and cultures that are
wide-ranging and varied.

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Your Learning Beyond The Classroom handbooks will have a bespoke front cover designed by our team to reflect the livery and values of your school, academy or trust.

Your pupils will feel, therefore, that they are completing tasks that have been carefully designed with them in mind. The personal touch and glossy paper will be appreciated!

The National Curriculum

Learning Beyond the Classroom closely follows the National Curriculum in order to ensure that it is progressive, with the skills and knowledge required in every year group being built up as the scheme develops to Year 9.

British Values

Learning Beyond the Classroom offers opportunities to study people of different genders, faiths, race and ethnicity.

As children and their families study their heroes and heroines together, a whole world of cultural capital is opened up for them to enjoy and learn from.

Personalised & delivered

Learning Beyond the Classroom can be delivered to your door within as little as one working week at a cost of less than £5 per booklet, depending on the size of your order.

To request a sample or find out more, please use the get in touch button below:

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Academic . Family watching & listening . Out & About

Learning Beyond the Classroom can be delivered to your school within one working week at a cost of less than £5 per book – depending on the size of your order.

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