Enabling Content Creation

Our digital media workshops enable young people to find their creative voice through the innovative use of new technologies..

Show the world

Digital film making is a magical tool which enhances both learning and teaching. Over the last 18 years we have delivered projects and worked with young people, observing the industry as it grows within educational settings.

We work at the forefront of digital communication, encouraging young people to use their voice and skills to create meaningful work for potential local, national and international audiences.


Our school programmes are designed to complement the national curriculum and to offer tangible learning outcomes that aim to inspire and motivate pupils and teachers.

Our focussed and inspirational workshops inspire pupils to create captivating content that you’ll be proud to show off again and again.

Hands on content creation

Our workshops give young people the opportunity to:

  • Produce their own film
  • Create a unique animation
  • Have a go at presenting a news report
  • Experiment with green screening
  • Film a curriculum resource

School based media projects

Swinemoor News is a school based media project which encourages and supports pupils to research, script and present news articles on a range of subjects.

Staff and pupil training was undertaken in areas including journalism, media production, filming and post production.

The school are now fully skilled in self producing a weekly news bulletin and have produced over 200 episodes.

Creation over consumption

Our track record of working with schools, young people and digital media stretches back to 1998 when we embarked on some of our first digital media workshop programmes working with young people on the Navajo, Hopi and Gila reservations in Arizona.

Since those early workshops, we have been strong believers in developing young people to become content creators rather than just content consumers.

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Planning visually from the start, and working together, we balance compliance, strategy, creativity and content to produce an outstanding online presence.

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“When you have pupils leaving school saying, ‘that was the best day ever’, you know things have gone well.”

Walkington Primary School

“The films were a huge success and have made their way into the national curriculum on safe technology.”

National Council for Children – Seychelles

Their skill in transforming the image of a yet to exist university into meaningful & convincing messages was a great success & had the desired effect on the people of Seychelles.

University of Seychelles